“When it becomes clear that no one else shares your level of passion, you are where you belong.”
     — Placido Domingo

Have you ever pursued a passion in the company of other people and then suddenly found yourself alone?

This can be a disturbing feeling, especially if the people whose company we have shared have fed our excitement, been part of our learning curve, and encouraged us along the way.  How does it feel when the next step suddenly is one that only we are willing to take?  What do we do when we arrive at a fork in the road and realize that our companions are choosing one way and we are choosing the other?

Often, we question our decision to go a separate way.  We judge our judgment and maybe feel a bit insecure as we realize that we are choosing differently for the people who have been our companions, our supporters, our fellow travelers.  When we reach that fork that offers us a choice that only we decide to take, do we second-guess our decision and follow the group, or do we look into the distance, say our goodbyes, and move on?

Each of us is born to walk a path through life.  Even when we arrive at the same destination as another person, we may need to reach that place by learning different things in different places and circumstances.  When our path intersects with that of others for a time, we may become comfortable that we have reached an endpoint and have found the people who share our passion.  We celebrate our shared interests and ideals, we enjoy each other’s company, we give and take from our common experiences, and we treasure the people who walk our same path.  Then it happens.  One day we share a passion that has grown from our time together and realize that our friends and fellow travelers have arrived at a different position on the road through life.  It can be hard to take the first step on a different fork in the road; but we know that our purpose lies in a different direction.  We know that it is time to say goodbye, with love, to those who have fed us and been fed by us for a time, and we trust that there will be new travelers to be met on the new road.

If we are very lucky, we will know when it is time to strike out on our own.  We will hold onto all the good we have experienced in our travels so far, and we will carry the love we have known as we move on toward the place we belong.  We figure out that we are never really alone and that we never really leave people behind who have been part of the learning we have shared.

Whatever you do, when you discover that others no longer share your passion, trust that you are on the right path.  We journey together, but each of us walks alone.