“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”
     — Mahatma Gandhi

Since mid-December, we have been living in constant skirmishes with germs.  There have been viruses and bacteria, workplace germs and school germs.  There have been old folk’s germs and adorable little kid germs that innocently try to make you believe that no matter how that sweet little nose is leaking or that cute little cough is spraying, you are safe.  After all, how could something so adorable be involved in undercover work for the other side?  When those adorable little people come around for Christmas, we forget entirely the most important truth about health — that kid germs are the worst germs there are.

It has been a while since my immune system has failed to withstand the assaults of all the germ-bearing people who love to share; but today I have had to admit that I’ve lost the battle against the sinus squad and am down for the count.

I think it’s good to experience a little infection from time to time.  It is no fun to be sick, but it does a great job of reminding me how wonderful it is to be healthy.  I think of all the things I try to do each day to promote my own well-being, and today I will do them with greater attention.  I will drink water — gallons of it.  I will rest and maybe even nap, because we all know the value of a good night’s sleep.  I will eat well, although I can’t say that anything tastes particularly good at the moment.  Most of all, I will carry the image in my mind that I am a healthy person who has lost one small skirmish and already is back on the road to good health.  I will remember, when I feel better, to pay attention to my hydration, my nutrition, and to getting enough rest to maintain my body.

There is nothing like a sick day to remind us of the blessings of good health.  Today I will think only of the things that sustain me.  I will be thankful for clean water, for nutritious food, and for a soft warm bed.  ‘You may have won the battle,’ I will think as I make my way back to full speed, ‘ but you have not won the war, germ!’  And now I will retreat for a bit and sleep the enemy away.