It is Halloween, and soon the neighborhood children will be knocking at our door and hoping for a treat rather than a trick.  A light, spitting rain has begun to fall, and it may make the evening a non-event.  This whole day has been overcast; and even when no rain had started, the streets and sidewalks looked damp.  It is a perfect day for the Eve of all Hallows, at least in my world; because this is the day that my very core vibrates with a song of endings and of laying to rest.

I live under the Gregorian calendar; and like the rest of my contemporaries, I celebrate New Year’s Day on January first.  Still, there is a part of my DNA, hidden deep within my bones, that knows today is the day of endings — the day to lay the year to rest.  If the weather allows, I will build a small fire in the fire pit and watch it burn.  I will place the parts of my year that need to be relinquished in its flames and give thanks for them as I watch them fade to ash.  I will sit in the silence that is broken only by the crackle of the fire and the whisper of the veil as it grows thin in the Autumn night.  I will listen carefully for the voices that play in my heart — the voices of those I have loved, and who have loved me, and who now live a hair’s breadth away in a world we find mysterious.  I will listen to the mystery and let my heart play the sound of their voices as the fire reminds me that their physical beings have been consumed.  I will sing a song or two — a melancholy one that tells my longing to reach through and touch them again, and a celebratory one that conjures the memories of times when we laughed and touched and lived together.

When the fire has turned to embers, I will light a small candle and carry it inside to bring light to my table.  I will laugh at the way that my DNA, hidden deep within my bones, urges me to bring the fire inside and see that it keeps burning through the long, dark winter.  I will shut the door tightly so that no breeze can enter and blow out its flame.  I will watch as it burns through the coming day and hold onto the chance to honor those I love and bask in their closeness.

When the day is done, and the candle has finished its burning, I will straighten my calendar once again and return to the cycles of the world where I live my days; but the whole winter long, I will feel the warmth of the fire that has followed me home on this dark Halloween night.

I must go now.  There will soon be small goblins and ghosts appearing out of the darkness.  I must prepare the glow sticks I have waiting for them.  There is something in my DNA, hidden deep within my bones, that compels me to send them into the darkness with some light to lead their way.  Tonight is the night when darkness and light dance their dance of mystery.  Tonight my spirit twirls to the music and follows the light across the divide and back again.