“Love endures only when the lovers love many things together and not merely each other.”
    — Walter Lippmann

When I wrote about eating dessert first as it relates to falling in love, I concluded that as our taste matures and as our palate learns to appreciate greater depth and breadth of living, we no longer rely on the sweetness of first love to satisfy our appetites.  Now I’m here to say that what allows us to share the banquet with another person is taking the time to discover what passions we share and pursuing them with a mutual hunger.

There are times when each of us goes off alone to enjoy the adventures that grow us as individuals.  This is vital to any relationship, because it offers us exciting things to share with our partners and enriches us as members of the team.  What makes our individual pursuits even more fun is having someone to share our excitement when we return to our mutual life.

But the sweetest times are those when we join hearts in pursuit of the joys, the challenges, and the adventures where we choose to love together.  For my sweetheart and me, many of these times revolve around the family we have built together.  Just this weekend, we were privileged to host a birthday party for our five-year-old granddaughter.  Our daughter-in-law did all the work – all we did was throw a little food together and watch the fun happen.  Because of our shared love for family, such occasions are never a burden.  It’s kind of funny to hear our kids apologize for all the work when it doesn’t seem like work at all.

As we sat and watched our grandchildren repeat the same silly things their parents did more than twenty years ago, the glances we shared between us were the sort that carried a depth of meaning that nobody else could understand.  Loving things together does that to you.  It makes you deeper and stronger and multiplies your love by infinite numbers.  It is at those times of shared loving that I think I love my sweetheart the most.  After all, we have spent our life together learning how to love.