“My feeling is that there is nothing in life but refraining from hurting others, and comforting those that are sad.”

— Olive Schreiner

Every thread of existence is intricately woven into a web that connects one strand to another and then another until, whether we realize it or not, each of us is part of a greater whole that sustains us all.  There are those people who walk heavily on the web and shake the foundation for all others around them.  There are those who do this deliberately, and there are those who simply lose sight of the fact that they are connected and that their actions affect more than just their own lives.

When we stop to comfort wounded travelers along our path through the web, we are given the opportunity to experience the consequences that each individual can create for us all.  When the web becomes torn — when someone’s foundation is so rattled that they slip and fall — we are given a holy opportunity to re-weave the torn strands and help our fellow travelers to stand tall and walk once again.  Through the strands of the web, we can trace our DNA back to the source of all existence.  When we are mindful of its shimmering beauty, we become aware that truly we are all connected and are all brothers and sisters from a common source and sharing a common legacy.  What that legacy will be is our choice.  When we find a broken place in someone’s life, we are able to restore the web beneath their feet by honoring our oneness and sharing the stories of our common human experience.  When that primordial DNA begins to grow between us and mend the connection, the web grows strong once again.

When we honor the connection that binds us all to an existence on our shared planet, we begin to walk with care and value the power in not bringing harm to all that sustains us.  Close your eyes.  Look with the eyes of your heart and see the oneness we all share.  Look all around you and see that we are walking on massive web that glistens with crystals of dew.  Now step lightly and see that not a single dewdrop is disturbed.  Celebrate the beauty of bringing only love and healing to your world.