Perched on the edge,

Selfishly hesitant,

Winter concedes

The battle to Spring.

Birdsong returns,

Filling the sunrise,

Songs of warmth

Melt frozen earth.

Perched on the edge,

Calling his mate,

Cardinal sings red songs

Of summer dreams.

His partner sings softly,

In muted gray,

Answers his dream,

And invites him home.

Poised on the edge,

Selfish Winter

Refuses to jump

As the snow swirls around him.

Perched on the lilac,

Sparrow and finch

Flick their tails in disgust,

And send the snow flying.

“Snow!  Go!” they chirp,

As they clear every branch

Banishing Winter,

Preparing for Spring.

Perched on the doorstep,

I sweep away winter,

Clean every corner,

Breathe in the freshness.

Swirl if you will,

I tell my friend Winter,

The sweet birds of springtime

Have sung your farewell.

© 2013 Pamela Stead Jones