“Every action in our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.”

— Edwin Hubbel Chapin

In only three days, the calendar will turn over and reveal a brand new year.  It seems like only days ago that we perched on the brink of 2012, but here we are again — still the same and forever changed by the events of another year on planet earth.  Legacy will travel with me for another year.  I am not yet finished with her, nor is she finished with me.  In the next few days, I will try to choose a traveling companion for her, but she will remain.

There is something in Chapin’s words that will help set our new direction.  If  “legacy” is what we leave behind, what remains when we have gone, then it is good to recognize that there is no action we perform that is without consequence.  My mind begins to conjure up a cartoon version of the resonating chords that result from our seemingly insignificant choices.  There is the booming bass sound of a full-grown elephant stepping on a sturdy wire and then releasing it to vibrate with a tone that causes one’s heart to shudder in response.  There is the tiny, almost non-existent ping of a dragonfly who touches down for such a short instant that we wonder if we really saw it at all.  It lands on a fiber that is much smaller than a strand of hair and touches our ear with the sound of an angel’s wing against a crystal bell.  Between are the high and low tones that merge together to create the harmony and dissonance that is the music of life.  How amazing would it be if we really could hear the effect of each choice and discern how it blends or collides with the other notes that hum in the air around us.

We create the music, and we determine what the melody will be that continues to play and to invite other players from now until the end of eternity.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could embrace the awareness that every action we choose to take will send a vibration through the web of life that will play as long as life exists?  What music do you want to leave as your legacy?  What tune will you add to the music of the spheres?  It is up to us to bring harmony to our world.  Walk lightly on the wires and threads that weave together to form the web, for it connects us all.