Let us remember on this Christmas Day to think of how we, too, can fit into the story of the birth of Christ.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Journey

The pair trudged into town.

Their muscles ached,

They longed for rest.

From every door they passed,

The smell of food,

The light, the warmth,

Were beckoning to them;

But when they stopped,

There was no room.

(Who was ever more alone?)

The cold November rain.

Walls of iron that open only

To cold winter snow.

A spark ignites,

And then is quenched.

It gutters with

The slightest breeze –

To touch damp straw

With flame is futile.

(Who will tend the fire?)

The Keeper of the Flame.

God made man,

Who dwells in man,

Breathes breath to dry the straw,

Through those who dare

To risk and hope;

And Christmas, every year,

Brings dawning hope

And new Creation.

(Breathed through you and me.)

— Pamela Stead Jones