It is true.

For ten days, I have taken a break from my blog.  For the first time in three years, I have skipped my daily writing time as I prepared for the yearly visit from my children and grandchildren.  It was good to disappear for a while into other parts of my life.  There are corners cleaned that haven’t had a visit for way too long.  There were projects completed and finishing touches applied to Christmas surprises.  There was a homecoming that brought us all together for an early Christmas celebration before our children, now parents themselves, retreated to their own homes and prepared magic for the next generation.  By now, I am sure, the little ones have come downstairs and discovered that Santa has come.  By now, they are repeating the traditions we built for them when they were small.

Our house is very quiet this morning.  Nobody woke us at 5:00 AM.  There were no little feet scurrying past our bedroom door, only to return with the new that “Santa was here.”  Instead, we waited up last night and had a ten o’clock dinner with Emily when she returned from work.  We sat together and watched her favorite Christmas movie, wished each other a Merry Christmas when the clock passed midnight, and settled down for a peaceful night of sleep.

Homecomings are wonderful things.  They teach us about the way that absence sweetens the return.  They show us how we have grown in the space and time since our last meeting.  They reassure us that nothing is ever really lost, even though it may be out of sight for a season or two.

Today I celebrate another homecoming.  I wondered, when I decided to take a ten-day hiatus, whether I would feel motivated again to return to writing my thoughts, my hopes, and my dreams in this place.  What I have learned is that absence does make the heart grow fonder.  I have learned that even when I dive into other occupations, I am diminished by not stopping here.  I have learned that the vessel cannot continue to be filled unless it is emptied.  I have learned that inspiration flows like a silver stream and must not be allowed to stagnate like a muddy puddle.

As the end of 2012 approaches, as my year spent with Legacy draws to a close, I have learned from absence that we must leave a legacy each day — not only for others, but for ourselves.  It is in being true to who we are that we allow the creativity to blossom.  It is through doing what is specifically ours to do that we leave a unique mark on our world.

It is good to take a break now and then.  When we discover that our hearts long for the things that truly feed our souls, we return refreshed, renewed, and ready to create our legacy.  Today is my homecoming, and my heart dances for joy.