“We sleep, but the loom of life never stops, and the pattern which was weaving when the sun went down is weaving when it comes up in the morning.”

— Henry Ward Beecher

It takes faith to close one’s eyes at the end of the day and give over her soul to the land of sleep.  The image of the giant weaving loom creating a tapestry that is the universe is at the same time awe-inspiring and ominous.  If the part of the picture that is being created when our energy runs out for the day is frightening or sad or seems to predict disaster, going to sleep might be an act of will rather than a peaceful surrender to the rest we need to face another day.  What happens while we sleep?  Are we excluded during those hours from our part in the weaving?  Are we written out of the script that is being prepared by the Author of Life while our bodies are restored, and will we awaken to discover that we have been cast in a part we did not agree to play?  Should we stand watch all night and tend to the weaving in order to assure that the correct colors are threaded through the loom?  Should we sleep with one eye open at all times, even though it might mean that our perception of the tapestry is dimmed and our eyes are foggy with fatigue?  Worry is the child of weary souls who need to sleep but cannot trust that the picture woven in their absence will be one that they want to awaken to in the morning.

The bridge between sleeping and waking is forged in dreams.  It takes faith to close one’s eyes at the end of the day and give her soul over to the land of dreams.  It takes faith to know in the deepest and wisest depths of our souls that even as we sleep, our dreams are woven into the tapestry.  It takes faith to understand that the colors too vibrant for seeing in the sunlight come out to play when we dream.  In the land of dreams, we are free to express all the colorful and beautiful visions we hold for our world without challenge, without the graying down that can happen in our waking hours when someone large stands between our dreams and the light that inspires them and casts them in shadows that dull their appearance.  In the land of dreams, we see our vision in the full light of the divine, if only for a moment of subconscious delight.  We must hold onto our dreams.  If the loom weaves all night long, then our dreams are our contribution to the tapestry.

Dream big.  When you awake in the morning and look at the tapestry that has emerged from the loom overnight, be sure to look for the colors of your dreams.  Remember that they are woven into the larger picture.  Have the faith needed to close your eyes at night and the faith to open them again in the morning and see the world through the eyes of a dreamer.  Only then can your weary soul dare to seek the rest it needs.  It takes faith to know that no matter how dark it may seem, tomorrow will have hope woven into each shadow.  After all, we have dreamed it into existence.