“An intense anticipation itself transforms possibility into reality; our desires being often but precursors of the things which we are capable of performing.”

— Samuel Smiles

Maybe it is because I spend a good portion of my waking life dreaming, but I rarely remember my dreams.  I know that I have them, because there are so many times when I will awaken in the morning with a solution to a problem in my mind.  I can only assume that my mind is working while I sleep and using that time which is free of distractions to put the pieces together. Last night I had a very restless night.  I don’t remember dreaming in the few hours that I actually slept, and I didn’t wake up with any profound answers today.  Instead, I spent the night in a state of anticipation; and the excitement kept me awake.

For the past month, I have been focused on a project.  Today just may be the day that I wrap it up and complete the process of transforming possibility into reality; and there was no room in my mind for anything but the excitement and anticipation of what today would bring.  If I were a child, I would say that it felt like Christmas Eve, when I would awaken at 3:00 AM with the realization that morning was still hours away.  I would lie in the darkness and will the clock to tick faster, knowing that the sand in my hourglass had turned to molasses that clung to each second and tried not to pass.

Anticipation, as part of the creative process, is like the labor that precedes the birth of a child.  It takes place at the end of a long season of gestation, a lot of planning, and a sharp focus that keeps us ever looking toward the outcome.  By the time we reach the onset of labor, we should be tired; but something kicks in that sends adrenaline coursing through us and prepares us for the moment of birth.

As I awoke from my last hour of restless sleep today, I was filled with anticipation.  To a degree, I feel this every morning; but today it was so palpable that the air around me seemed to hum with the energy of being truly alive.  Great things lie ahead today, I can feel it.  May you know the wild energy of anticipation today.  May your possibilities become realities.  May your dreams come true.