“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.”

— Eugene Ionesco

I love watching children explore their world.  They are so curious about each new thing, each new idea, that comes their way.  Children are all questions, and they look to the adults in their lives for the answers.  As we grow older, finding answers becomes more and more important to us.  We like things categorized and defined and explained.   We may consider it childish to ask a question without working at finding an answer.  I, for one, don’t want people thinking I am childish.  I have worked for many years to establish my status as a grown-up, and I enjoy being the one who is sought out for answers about how the world works.  I love opportunities to share the wisdom I have gained with the younger generation, and I love the way they never run out of questions.

Although I might resent being called childish, I embrace the part of me that remains child-like and full of questions.  It is exciting to discover an answer, but it is more exciting when that answer becomes the springboard for another deeper question that is born of the last discovery.  Growing up carries the responsibility to follow questions and seek the answers; but if we can cultivate the curiosity that frames the next question, we just might find that we will never grow old.  Open your eyes today to all the mysteries that share their world with you!  Seek your answers; but remember this:

What makes life worth living is running out of answers before you run out of questions.