“Travelers, there is no path, paths are made by walking.”

— Antonio Machado

When I was born, I began my life at Point A.  One day, when my walking is done, my life will end at Point B.  In spite of living in an age where satellites provide us with images of the Earth taken from space, I have not yet seen the map that shows me the way from Point A to Point B.  I remember, when I was a child, hearing an adult ask how far it was to a particular location.  The answer was, “about five miles, as the crow flies…but ten if you are driving.”  Our life’s path is something like that; and since we cannot fly, we twist and turn and wind our way along roads we never imagined creating.  As the impatience of youth gives way to our later years, we savor the meandering routes of our journey, because we have no desire to hurry to its end.

I think of how funny it seems that we often have strong opinions about where we will find ourselves when our walking is done.  My thoughts go to the map makers of old.  Their options for transportation were quite limited; and this made their world very small.  When they drew their charts and mapped their world, it would end abruptly; and often there would be fire-breathing dragons and perilous cliffs that marked the edge of the earth.  No traveler would survive a journey that led past such treacherous boundaries.

We live in an age where there are few, if any, spots on the Earth that have not been explored, charted, and mapped; but still we find that predicting our own life-path leaves us no better equipped than those ancient cartographers.  The only way to accurately map our journey is to walk.  It is our footprints that will draw the map from Point A to Point B, and all we need to do is keep walking — not so fast that we miss the chance to catalog all the beauty we pass along the way.  There is no path until we blaze a trail, and this is what makes living such an exciting adventure.  Where will your path lead today?  You get to decide; because until you walk, there is no path.