“It’s always too early to quit.”

— Norman Vincent Peale

My mother used to motivate her procrastinating offspring by saying, “it’s never too late to start.”  She was right; and no matter how long we dawdled before beginning to clean our messy bedrooms, we ultimately got the job done — sort of.  Maybe we could have used a dose of Norman Vincent Peale’s advice.  I suppose we need a bit of my mother’s wisdom to get us moving; but an appropriate amount of not quitting might have taken us to the other side a little sooner.

Whatever it is that we have been wanting to do, saying we will do, and putting off doing, we should not be discouraged and think that the opportunity to begin has passed us by.  If something is worth doing, it is far less important when we decide to do it than it is that we decide the time is right.  Indeed, once we have discovered the pleasure of diving into a task or a change and seeing it through, it becomes easier and easier to trust that we are able to surmount the challenges that seem to block our paths.

If you are anything like me, I know that you have many aspirations that you might put on the back burner, just because your goals seem out of reach.  You might also have small projects that linger in the corners of life waiting to be tackled.  The challenge is to love  yourself enough to trust in your dreams.  Beginning small, by finishing a half-done project, can give us confidence in our ability to see things through to the end.  I think today might be a good day to begin refinishing the nice little wood table I found at a flea market — the one that would be just perfect in my yellow room.  I may not finish it today, but that’s okay.  Once my mother’s advice that it isn’t too late to begin gets me moving, I will remember from Norman Vincent Peale that it is always too early to quit.  At the end of it all, I think I will enjoy the gift I give myself — a sweet little table, and a sense of accomplishment.