“Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.”

— Theodore Roethke

It is the flowering season of the year as Spring bursts out of the bondage of Winter and makes way for the lush growth of Summer.  Watching the process each year brings such joy to my life.  When the snow first melts, there is nothing but barren, brown as far as the eye can see.  Then, one day, a touch of green appears as the grass starts to send its shoots toward the surface of the earth.  Each day after that, the world grows greener and greener until suddenly splashes of color explode wherever we turn — flowers, blooming for our delight, appear out of nowhere.

Have you ever considered how miraculous this whole process really is?  Have you ever wondered how it is that out of a frozen season and bare, brown earth, life can suddenly appear again?  Roethke says that each flower keeps the light deep in its roots.  What a lovely way to express the potential that hides beneath the soil and sits poised and waiting to be realized!  Last Fall, my mother-in-law was thinning her iris bed.  We took a spade and dug up two clumps of rhizomes and transported them home in a plastic grocery bag.  They sat all winter in that bag and we never put them in the ground until it thawed this Spring.  After a winter with no soil, the iris still carried the potential — the light — needed to flower.

We say that we are one with everything — with all that is in the universe.  If a simple root carries enough light to produce such splendid beauty, then we must ask ourselves whether we also have potential deep within us that begs to blossom.  Each day holds an opportunity for us to open our hearts and let the Light within us shine into the world.  Each day holds an opportunity for us to exercise the potential that is our birthright.  What color will your flowers be today?  Bloom!