“God does notice us, and He watches over us.  But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs.”

— Spencer W. Kimball

How many times have you met someone who questions the existence of God because they are angry about not receiving a miracle?  It always reminds me of the unhappy teenager who feels entitled to having all the material goods advertised on TV and focuses only on what he lacks rather than the abundance of love and care of his family.  We spend so much time imagining that we are entitled to something — either material possessions or miraculous intervention — that we risk missing out on the experience of recognizing the daily miracle of simply being alive and well.  I have heard that there are times when the hand of God reaches through the veil that separates heaven and earth and touches people with the power of Creation so that they are changed and healed.  These miracles serve as good reminders that God goes on creating and has not turned his/her back on his work; but most of the time, it is the spark of the divine that is the essence of human beings that delivers the blessings of healing and love.

I am thinking about this today, because my tiny granddaughter, Princess Cheyenne, has gone to Philadelphia for a bone scan.  You have met Cheyenne here before, and it is likely that today will not be the last time you hear me tell her story.

The short version of Cheyenne’s story is that during the time when she was developing in her mommy’s womb, her body came together in an unusual way.  With her fourth birthday approaching, she has undergone ten surgeries to repair the differences that could threaten her health.  Today will mark yet another chapter in uncovering the mysteries that make up the life of this special little girl.  Through all the challenges, all the repairs, all the treatments, my “favorite Cheyenne in the whole wide world” continues to sparkle and twinkle and shed her light on everyone who meets her.  She is a celebration.  She is a miracle.

I won’t lie.  There have been many times when I have watched her endure treatments and recoveries and asked myself whether it would be too much trouble for God to extend his hand — or maybe just a pinkie finger — and remove the pain and insecurity from the life of this beautiful child.  Then I stop and think again; and I realize that in the midst of it all, Cheyenne shines; and her very existence calls on the essence of God that is our true identity as we respond to her needs.  One of my favorite quotes, by Charles Dickens, says that the difference between something that is created and something that is constructed is that you love a created thing before it exists — you can only love a constructed thing after it is completed.  Cheyenne was loved long before we met her.  She was loved from the moment she existed as the surprising but very much wanted first child of her parents.   She was loved as her body was forming in its unique way and an ultrasound revealed that she would be differently made.  Not once have her parents, the instruments of God’s miracles, allowed this little girl to feel less than she is — a perfect creation of God.

Many times the hand of God has reached out through the hands and minds of doctors and nurses and therapists; and Cheyenne has exceeded every expectation anyone has had for her life.  So far the limits have not been reached; and she continues to grow and develop and to amaze and delight us.  As we see her go again to the Children’s Hospital for another difficult day of testing and anesthesia and recovery, we pray for another miracle.  If the hand of God reaches through the veil and touches her directly, we will celebrate.  If the hand of God reaches out through the miracles of technology and medical knowledge and loving care, we will celebrate that, too.

God notices Cheyenne, and he meets her needs.  We are thankful today for all the wonderful people who allow the essence of God to shine through them and touch our little Princess.