“Always fall in with what you’re asked to accept.  Take what is given, and make it over your way.  My aim in life has always been to hold my own with whatever’s going.  Not against:  with.”

— Robert Frost

Always fall in.

I was reading last night about the energy of waves — about ripples created when pebbles are dropped into the water.  When a pebble falls, its energy is transferred to the water, and ripples spread outward from the point of impact and move the water.  If two or more pebbles are dropped at the same time in the same location, their energies combine and make the waves stronger as they create ever-widening circles away from their origin.  When energies combine in this way, we call it harmonic resonance.  When pebbles are dropped into water at different times or in different locations, they send out ripples from their points of impact that collide at some point in the water and interfere with each other’s progress.  If two waves of equal energy collide in this way, both are brought to a standstill.

Robert Frost’s advice about falling in connects my thoughts about pebbles with my thoughts about how we fall into life.  Wherever I fall into life, I bring energy with me.  My ripples spread outward from my point of impact.  They combine with the energies of other people, either in ways that make all of us more powerful or in ways that sometimes collide and bring us to a standstill.  The energy that pebbles bring to the water’s surface is a kinetic sort of energy bestowed upon them by the force of gravity as they fall through the air.  When I think of falling into life, I don’t think of bracing myself for impact and sending out waves through the water.  I think of the sort of subtle energy that I want to contribute to the world.

Suppose I fall into an angry situation.  If I am going to take what I am given and make it over my way, I must not be transformed by the anger so that I add to its energy.  I must know the sort of energy that I want to contribute.  If I fall in, harmonically, with an angry situation and add the energies of love and peace, the stronger wave that goes forward from my point of entry will contain new elements that transform the situation even as the energy is increased.  If my energy collides with that of another person and we are brought to a standstill for a time, I would want my message to be one of Light, so that even as we stand still for a time we will not stand in darkness.

We will fall into all sorts of situations today.  What choice will we make about these opportunities?  Will we fall in and accept our place and make others stronger through the addition of our own energies?  Will we bring something worth giving at the points of standstill where we stop and consider the energies that have collided?  Be very conscious of the sort of energy you bring to life.  Little by little, the positive energies we contribute can change the world.  As the ripples spread, be sure to fall in and contribute healing to all who are washed by the waves.