“I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let expectations hinder my path.”

— Dalai Lama

I just love coincidences.  What I love most about them is that I don’t believe they exist.  It all seems rather silly now, but I spent many years of my life taking in the criticism of other people who told me that I read too much into things.  “Not everything is meaningful,” they would tell me, and I would stuff the thought I had shared deep down inside myself and learn once again to keep such things close to my chest.  “Stop being who you are,” they would say; “it is unacceptable.”  And I would allow their words to close my mouth and cover my eyes  so that the meaning would disappear and I could conform and be accepted.  It is hard to settle for holding something close to your chest when it has sprung from your heart.  When the heart speaks, it should send its message far beyond its source; and holding it in can be difficult and even painful.

I love coincidences.  What I love most about them is the way they call out, “Pay attention!”  Several years ago, I adopted a new perspective.  “Just suppose,” I said to myself, “that everything really does have meaning.”  I decided to view life from this perspective and embrace all the small miracles that I saw each day.  What opened up to me was a world filled with possibilities — a world filled with choices.  As I began to embrace these possibilities and as I began to make decisive choices in response to seeing them, I also began to see the connections between the lives of people who saw the same meaning in a seemingly trivial detail.  There were gateways everywhere, each of them opening to a path that was waiting for someone to choose it.  All I needed to do was choose.

I love coincidences.  I love the way that meeting and recognizing another traveler who has chosen to open the gate from the other side liberates the love and the light and the dreams born in my heart.  I love the moments when I feel the joy of knowing that everything really does have meaning.  I love coincidences; but I call them opportunities.  I love opportunities, because they dare me to choose to seize the moment when hearts connect — the moment some call coincidence.  When one comes your way, be sure to send your heart ahead and open the gate.  Amazing things lie on the other side.