For those who have waited throughout the Advent season for the coming of the Christ, the wait is nearly done.  In only “one more sleep,” as my grandsons would say, Christmas will be here.  All over the world, people will light candles tonight and sing of the Silent Night when miracles were happening that would alter the course of history.  As we light our own candles and will the darkness away, let us re-visit the Christmas story and take with us its lessons for living.

Let Mary show us that sometimes when we perch on the precipice of something important — even great — we find ourselves alone and misunderstood.  We must follow our Truth and stay the course.

Let Joseph teach us unconditional love — especially for those whom we have promised to keep as our own.  And the children.  Don’t forget to love the children.

Let the Magi show us that the journey of our heart is worth making — even when it is a long trek — and we should arrive at its end ready to share our finest treasures.

Let the Angels remind us to let our Joy overflow.  There are times when the only thing we can do is sing!

Let the Shepherds show us that we don’t need to be wealthy or educated or members of the elite of society in order to know the Light when we see it.  What good would the angels’ song be if there had been no one to hear it?

Finally, let us learn from the Innkeeper.  No matter how full our lives may be — no matter how simple and inadequate we might think our homes might be — let us always be prepared to offer a place to the weary traveler who finds our door.  We never can know how offering what we have might change the life of another.

Oh, yes; and it goes without saying that when we see great Light we should always pay attention and follow it.

Merry Christmas! (Window in Heaven, by Russ Rentler)