“Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely as strand in it.  Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

— Chief Seattle

Have you ever had the good fortune to sit and watch a spider weave her web?  Her work is such a magnificent blend of focused weaving and walking so lightly that the work already done remains undisturbed.  As weavers of our own days on this planet, each of us has the daily opportunity to create something beautiful and connect it to the webs of others.  Together we weave the present, and add our strands to the web of life that has existed since the dawn of creation.  As parts of the infinite web, each of us is connected to the history of all of creation.  As our daily strand is added to the weaving, it does not change our history — it only adds to it and makes the web a bit stronger and a bit richer.  We are the weavers of the history of our world.  We need to be conscious of what it is that we weave into the web that has supported all of life since the beginning of time.

Think of that spider, creating beautiful patterns with her strands of web.  Think of the way she spins with a knowledge that creates something that is both useful and pleasing to the eye.  Now think of how lightly her legs move across that creation, so that they don’t disturb a single strand.  Watch the way that the sunrise web is covered in pearls of dew, and imagine the light step of the spider that doesn’t cause a single one to fall to the ground.  Now, close your own eyes.  See how your weaving adds to the tapestry.  See how your story is connected to the others that make up the web of life.  With your eyes closes, imagine how it is that you walk through the world — the one you have woven and the parts that are the weavings of others.  Are your footsteps light?  Can you move at sunrise without sending the dewdrops flying?

Let us walk at sunrise and take in the Light that keeps our steps light throughout the day.  Let us lighten our footsteps with love and lay down the burdens that will shake the web and threaten its existence.  We are strands in a beautiful web.  We are weavers, and we are the woven.  Let us walk in love.