“If every day is an awakening, you will never grow old.  You will just keep growing.”

— Gail Sheehy

It has been one busy week around here!  With our eldest son in town with his family, our home has become the epicenter of the earthquake!  At least a dozen people have come to our table at most meals, and the frenzied pace of young children trying to play with every toy at once has sent a wave of energy rippling through the house that we haven’t experienced in many years.  I keep thinking, “Yes, there are very good reasons why women my age are not physically able to give birth!” The amount of food that has been consumed in the past week has been staggering, and the constant cycle of cook, eat, clean has sometimes left the cook staggering a bit herself.  It is easy during these busy times to fall into survival mode and think only of sleep, rest, or silence.

Into the midst of all this excitement yesterday came a visitor — the significant other of our daughter-in-law’s stepfather.  We shared a few words, and I realized that there was a kindred energy between us.  We didn’t say much that was profound; but the conversation we did have offered me a chance to take a break, remember to breathe, and look beyond all the activity to find the new revelations of the day underneath the layers of work and play and noise.

Before she left, we managed to find a quiet corner and compare notes.  We actually talked about our shared feeling of excitement upon awakening each morning.  We talked about how important it is not to be caught in the swirl of activity and the need to manage or control life to the extent that we see only the tasks and miss the parts that lift us up and energize us as we live each day.  I realized how wonderful it is at our busiest and most stressful times to meet someone who touches that spot in us and reminds us to live rather than only survive.

Stay young today!  Find something new and enlightening in your world — you know it is there.  Be renewed each day rather than only growing a day older.  And if you are fortunate enough to meet a kindred spirit, encourage one another.  It will lift your heart when you lift the spirits of another.  Breathe!  Live!  Grow!