“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.”

— William Blake

Last January, I made the decision to commit to a year of blogging.  Part of that commitment involved coming here each morning and sharing some thoughts with whomever decided to stop by and read.  The second part of the commitment was to post a daily photo on my other blog page — 365000 Words.  It has been a true adventure to spend the year wandering with camera in hand and searching for the nuances of beauty that escape us when we hurry through life.  I have learned many things about the plants and animals that inhabit my world this year; and many of those lessons have come from seeing them through the zoom lens of my camera.  When we stop to take a closer look at all the things we dismiss as commonplace, we discover that each of them has many aspects that make it unique and miraculous and sometimes stunning.

Thanksgiving Day is much like the zoom lens of my camera.  It is a time when we reflect on all the unremarkable and ordinary events and people who are part of our daily lives; but for one day we place them in front of the zoom lens and see the beauty in each person’s contribution to the world and to our own journey through it.  We slow the video for a minute or two and capture the subtle but profound experiences that make up our moments.  I could make a list here of all that makes me thankful today, but surely it would be incomplete.  Today I will be thankful for the zoom lens that has taught me to look closer, to see things from several angles, to see the beauty in both the rose and the thorn.  Just as my camera has shown me different ways to look at the world around me, Thanksgiving Day reminds me to see each moment as a gift of extraordinary value.  Good or bad, joyful or sorrowful, each moment enriches our lives with learning.  When we learn to recognize the gifts of life in every form they take, we then will be the recipients of an abundant harvest.

Wishing you the most plentiful harvest of life’s abundance this Thanksgiving Day!