I came in from my walk through the hazy post-rainstorm park this morning and read this status message on Facebook:

Terri St. Cloud is kinda lost in that whole concept of how powerful we are to each other…..how much what we do matters……whew…….”

This is not the first statement on the subject of connectedness that I have heard recently from my online circle of friends.  We talk frequently about our connection to other people, to the natural world, to the universe — and how important each individual is in keeping strong the connections that form the web of life.  It is an ongoing conversation, and I think we use it as a way of encouraging one another — and ourselves — to live consciously in each tiny moment, even when we feel very separate and insignificant.

I loved finding this piece of the conversation this morning, because I had walked in a haze that was not so foggy that it obscured my view, but was subtly present in a way that made me think I should clean my glasses so that I could see more clearly.  But it wasn’t the glasses this time.  It was the indecisive water droplets that could not commit to either evaporation or precipitation.  Now there is a metaphor for life — walking through indecision and cleaning my glasses so I can see clearly which way to go.  I know that feeling all too well.

As always is the case when I walk through the park, the crows stationed in various treetops began to spread the word that the intruder approached.  “Caw!  Caw!  Caw!”  Their threefold warning goes ahead of me and is echoed by the next bird.  The next one then repeats the call and is answered by another crow whose roost is farther down the path.  By the time I have made my circular loop, it is the first crow who finishes the message; and I hear him behind me as I turn the corner toward home.  “Caw!  Caw! Caw! I answer him, and I take great pleasure in feeling like a part of their community.

I think of those crows in their various treetops, and I think of the circle of friends who call out to one another and send the message that connects us and uplifts us as each of us walks, separated by distance, along different paths with a similar theme.  We are all connected, and we do bring powerful support to one another as we walk through the haze of indecision and suddenly stumble on a bit of encouragement —  a gift from someone who matters very much, because they remind us again that we matter, too.  The crows  are silent most of the time.  They nest in their own trees and care for their broods.  They hunt for food and do the things that crows do in order to live their lives.  But when it’s time to sound the call, their connectedness becomes visible once again; and each vital member of the circle chimes in to strengthen the whole.

I think of the circle of women who are committed to strengthening the bonds that bind humanity together.*  I think of the way that we learn that we matter when we take the time to recognize another as a vital part of the circle of life.  I picture us, perched at the top of our great tall trees and watching humanity pass through our lives.   “Love!  Love! Love!” we call out as each person enters our own part of the great, wide world.  “Peace!  Peace!  Peace!”  we wish, as we work toward understanding the walls that separate people.  “Light!  Light!  Light!” we cry into the darkness, and the power of our connection sends darkness away.  If you find yourself walking through the haze today, and if cleaning your glasses doesn’t seem to help, remember the call that is most important at such times — “You Matter!  You Matter!  You Matter!”

* Many of the women who make up this circle are listed in my Blogroll.  Our circle is ever-growing, and we’re always happy to welcome another voice.  Please stop by!  Because you matter.