Maybe it was the moon.  The pull of the full moon always captures me, not in a Twilight sort of way, but in a way that draws  me into the expanse of the universe and challenges me to test the limits of my world, my neighborhood, my own body.  After two evenings of searching the overcast night sky for the Strawberry Moon of June, but finding that it had been eclipsed by clouds, I finally spotted her this morning as I struck out for my daily walk.  There she hung, the moon mother, bright-white and commanding in the blue sky of morning.  “There you are!” I heard myself say, “I was beginning to think you were hiding.”

There is something magical about the pull of the moon when the world is obscured by darkness.  Like moth to flame, I feel myself drawn toward the glow of the moon — past treetops and stars, hurtling through the infinite expanse of the sky.  On such nights, my spirit soars in spite of my earthbound body, and my eyes sparkle with the light bounced from Source to Sun to Moon and beyond.  Last night there was no bouncing light.  There was only the familiar pull and a deep longing for a glimpse of moonlight.

As the sky began to brighten and the sun made its way to the horizon, the moon magic pulled me through summer air that felt almost skin-temperature and blurred the boundaries of my own being.  I moved magnetically, feet barely touching the ground, past trees filled with birdsong.  The call of the crow, the sharp tweet of the cardinal, the chirpity-chirp of the sparrow, bounced from tree to tree as the singers themselves flew from branch to ground to treetop and beyond.  Perhaps this is what the bouncing light looks like in the daytime — life, bouncing from spot to spot and touching every place it touches.

The sun burst over the horizon and reclaimed the sky as its own.  As I rounded the corner to return home, a warm summer breeze touched my face, blew my hair, and re-defined the limits of my own skin.  I laughed.  Perhaps the magnetic pull was the breath of the moon, drawing me in as it drew me out and into the expanse between earth and sky.  Perhaps the summer breeze was the exhale, as the moon mother sent her child out into the daylight world once again.  I took in the wonder of the rising sun and let the day claim me, but part of me clings to the magic of moonlight.