“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”

— Buddha

At last it is here!  Summer!  At 7:28AM today, we mark the Summer Solstice.  When you get ready for bed tonight, if you feel as though you’ve had a long day, you will be right.  Today is the longest day of the year; and, as for me, I am laughing at the sky.

My morning walk today was filled with memories of the blowing snows of February, the first glimpses of green in March, the plentiful rains of April, and the early buds of May.  Now, it is summer, and the cloudless sky welcomed a fiery yellow sun that promises to send us scurrying for shade and sipping cold lemonade before the day is half over.  The bare-branched trees are covered in sheltering leaves.  The sprouts have become plants and the buds are now blooms that dazzle our eyes and intoxicate us with their color and aroma.

It is summer, and the pace of life will slow a bit as schools dismiss and our springtime preparation gives way to abundance.  Already the green tomatoes hang on each vine.  Berries are ripe and await picking, peas are bursting their pods, and the cucumber vines are making their way up the trellis and preparing to treat us to crisp summer salads.  Our pace slows in summer; but there is no problem with that, because we are treated to long days with many hours to complete our work and still enjoy the sun’s transformation of our world.  How remarkable it is that only three months ago the land was empty and brown!  How miraculous that each year, out of nothing, we awaken one day and find the gift of Summer!  How amazing it is that the cycles and seasons of the year treat us to the miracle of order and dependability!  It truly is perfect, and I am laughing at the sky!