The stillness of yesterday finally became the shadow of dusk and then the dark of night.  Such quiet days only come our way on rare occasions, and they leave us suspended through the dark hours, wondering what the new day will bring.  Indian philosopher, Kabir, once said,

“Student, tell me, what is God?”

“He is the breath inside the breath.”

I thought of Kabir’s words as I experienced the feeling of being suspended in a moment that lasted for hours.  I thought about breathing and the way that we exhale without having to think about the next breath.  Our lungs simply fill once again, each time we empty them.  I had the feeling that the day of stillness might exist between the exhale and the inhale — in the place of stillness that makes us aware of God and aware that he will provide the next breath we need to sustain us.

Today, when the sun rose, we were treated to a beautiful, golden sky.  The sun that burst over the horizon seemed ten times brighter than usual, and it danced across the dew-soaked grass, bounced from puddle to puddle, and painted the whole world in vibrant greens and blues and yellows.  Here and there, flowers burst with patches of red and purple and blue.  The birds resumed their daybreak flights, no longer grounded due to lack of visibility.

I stopped for a moment and took it all in; and my heart was filled with joy as the universe once again took a deep breath and came to life.