Unruffled and dry,

My life was a desert

Of sands, golden brown

That lay undisturbed

By footfall or caravan.

Soft rains would fall

And turning to mist

Return to the air

Never touching the land.


Thunderheads gathered

And lightning came flashing,

And crashing; the boom

Of eternal destruction

Came spinning, its

Funnel clouds, digging,

And tearing and scarring,

Carved furrows and sorrows

That wore at my soul.


Lying alone,

In ruin, exposed,

I grieved for the


Untouched beauty

That once had

Defined me –

And now, filled with scars,

Turned my face from the mirror.


Joy fell like summer rain,

Cooling and healing.

Filling the furrows

Refreshing my spirit

And all of my scars

Became life-giving

Streams, that flowed with

Forgiveness.  Drink deep,

Grieve no more.

©Pamela Stead Jones 2010