I have to admit that I treasure the parts of my day when my family are at school and work and the house is my own.  Unless one of my meandering kids stops by between work and school, my computer is the only electronic device that stays active until the evening hours.  I sometimes brag about my silent environment; and after a period of adjustment, I find it a peaceful and serene place to exist.

Mark and I set out for an early morning walk today, enjoying the morning sun and the singing of the birds while most of the world still slept.  We came home an hour later to a dark, quiet house.  A power outage had shut down everything electrical for more than a mile in any direction.  There was no oatmeal for breakfast today, no fresh coffee, no humming refrigerator guaranteeing that our food would be fresh and cold.  During the three hours that we were without electrical power, silence was redefined.

The house was still beyond the stillness that I enjoy under ordinary circumstances.  There were no emails to answer.  There was no TV news.  There was no radio or CD player emitting music.  We found ourselves on a quiet island without distraction; and our uninterrupted conversation ventured to levels we don’t often reach when the electronic world intrudes.  I thought of the times when we would take  to the woods with our tents and have electronic-free weekends with the kids.  I thought about the way the pace of life slowed when we were challenged to complete everyday tasks without the devices that shorten them.  I thought of the lessons we learned about following a process slowly from start to finish, and about the good feeling of being reminded that we could achieve success in a slower and less assisted way.

Our thought process is no different.  A morning without the background whirring, without the LED lights flashing, let our thoughts flow without intrusion.  It is good to experience true silence and to be able to hear your thoughts and dreams from start to finish.  I’m thinking that it would be good for our souls to manufacture times of this redefined silence.  It is surprising how renewing a power outage can be.