“Let there be nothing within thee that is not very beautiful and very gentle, and there will be nothing without thee that is not beautiful and softened by the spell of thy presence.”

— James Allen

Have you ever found a fallen robin’s egg on the ground and picked it up to examine its blue speckles?

Have you ever found the perfect seed head of a dandelion and plucked it with such care that not one seed broke free until you made a wish and blew?

Have you ever held a newly-hatched baby chick or a newborn kitten, cradled in your hands so that it felt weightless under your touch?

I remember, when my daughter was born, taking the hand of her two-year-old brother and showing him how to touch her.  “Gentle, gentle,” I chanted in a whisper as I showed him how to trail his fingers lightly across the silky baby hair that grew behind her ear.

When I think of times like these, the memories stir a place inside of me — a place called “gentle.”  Gentle is not just a touch, it is a way of being that allows us to express our presence in the world in such a peaceful way that we bring only love and light and healing to all we encounter.  I invite you to close your eyes and think of a time that stirred the gentle place inside of you.  Think of the way your touch responded — of the way your cupped hands made their contents feel weightless.  Do you feel just a bit lighter yourself as you return to the memory of that moment?  Hold onto the peace and lightness that is “gentle.”  Carry it with you today and lavish its gifts on all you meet.

May you walk in gentle peace; may you bring love and light and healing to all you meet; may your feet dance on air as you walk softly through your day.