I have a camera.  Well, actually my husband has a camera, but for the past year I’ve been liberating it and taking it with me on walks.  What is great about having a camera is the way it encourages you to look more closely at what you encounter in the world.  Sometimes it records faces, and we have quite a large collection of photos of our family and friends.  What has become a passion for me, though, is snapping pictures of the world around me — of nature and all its elements.  Since beginning my picture-taking venture, I find that my eyes are open far wider than they were before.  I thought about this today when I ran across a quotation by Dan Millman, an athlete, author, and motivational speaker.

He says:  “There are no ordinary moments.”

Well, that’s nice, I suppose, and it sounds like a good slogan; but I learned last summer exactly what he means.  As part of my adventure in photography, I decided to use my early-morning walk as an opportunity to snap the sunrise each morning for a month.  It was amazing!  Do you have any idea how unique each sunrise really is?  I began looking forward to hearing the alarm buzz just so I could see what the sky had in store for me each day.  It took about a week for me to learn that no moment is ordinary.  I noticed that it was taking longer and longer for me to get my morning picture and finish my walk.  Why?  Well, you see, each time I would think I had a great shot of the sunrise it would change again — and I’d take another picture.  Here is what I’m talking about.  These sunrise pictures were all taken on the same morning:

As the sun began to send just a little light over the horizon, the sky began to glow:

As I turned to walk home, I took one more look over my shoulder and saw this:

In the next few minutes, the ever-changing beauty held my attention — a spectacular light show!

All of this took place in the space of five minutes’ time!  Imagine all you can see in an entire day!  So give it a try — live today with your eyes wide open; and if you have one, remember to take your camera.

To see the sunrise that inspired my thoughts today, click here: